• HTML5 WebTop Now Available

    System Center WebTop is a comprehensive framework that enables the rapid visibility of virtually any data, system, or cloud through a highly extensible presentation portal for your business.

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  • Dashboard Packs

    System Center WebTop provides out of the box Visualizations and Dashboards packaged into Dashboard Packs targeted for all Enterprise personas: CIO, Management, and the IT Pro!

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  • Responsive Design

    A responsive layout adapts to the viewing device, whether mobile, tablet or a small or larger desktop, to ensure your site is accessible on all devices that support Silverlight or HTML5

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System Center WebTop enables users to visualize System Center data, databases, and clouds in any browser or mobile device, anytime through a centralized web dashboard portal.

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System Center WebTop provides a unified visualization layer across the enterprise, enabling complete visibility into your environment that is configurable, extensible, and easily customizable.

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System Center WebTop is a robust and enterprise-scalable visualization layer specifically designed to provide business intelligence (BI) to the System Center platform.

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System Center WebTop FeaturesWebTop provides visualizations into your entire System Center suite and data.


Supports both out of the box visualization capability, customer configuration, and custom developed visualizations.


Platform is scalable to your enterprise and supports hundreds of users accessing data simultaneously.

Data Sources

Supports a wide range of data sources including SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Office, XML, SharePoint, PowerShell, and Active Directory.


Active Directory integrated security model for both data sources and user access.

Rich Presentation layer

Silverlight and HTML5 based presentation controls, supports both drill-down and right-click tools using PowerShell.


PowerShell tasks with support for right-click access to custom actions and tasks.

Dashboards Packs

Over 120 dashboards visualizations that can be used as-is or tailored to needs.

Extensible & Configurable

Built-In HTML and GUI Editor to easily configure and build dashboards.


Supports custom developed applications that are standalone applications leveraging the portal framework.

Mobile Devices

Supports viewing on iOS, Android, Windows Phones, and Tablets


Multiple browser support including Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome, and Firefox.

Robust Engine

A robust data engine that installs and configures in minutes.