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Pre-Install Steps


Specific components must be in place before the install begins. The prerequisites section outlines the necessary prerequisite components for the WebTop Server.

Capacity Planning

WebTop capacity and scale is determined by providing the proper resources to both the Client and Servers running WebTop.  The following guide provides examples for determining memory and CPU resources.

Server Configuration

WebTop requires specific roles and features in place before operation. Server configuration outlines the configuration needed for both Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

Account Configuration

The account required for WebTop needs specific access to data sources. Account Configuration outlines the properties of the credentials needed for proper communication with the data sources.

Installation Preparation

Before beginning the install process, it is important to prepare for install. The installation preparation section outlines what is needed for installation.


WebTop Application Install

After completion of the Server and Account configuration, the WebTop application can be installed. The WebTop Application Install steps outline the method for executing the MSI file and providing the necessary criteria for the installation.

Post-Install Steps

Configure IIS

IIS requires specific settings to be configured for security and communication with the data sources. The guide for configuration of IIS steps through the necessary settings that must be configured.

Import Dashboard Packs

Once WebTop has been installed, a dashboard pack must be loaded for the system to become operational. This guide steps through importing any of the multiple dashboard packs included with the WebTop installation

Configure Data Sources

The next step of getting WebTop into an operational status is to configure the connection to your data sources. The Configure Data Source steps outline the method for providing the path to your data.

Configure PowerShell Tasks

The final step of getting WebTop into an operational status is to configure each server associated to each product to enable PowerShell Tasks.

WebTop Application Configuration

Capacity Planning

The performance of WebTop is typically dictated by optimal configuration of both the Client and Server resources servicing WebTop request.

Optimize IIS

Specific IIS settings can be configured to enhance performance. The guide to Optimize IIS steps through the necessary settings that can be configured.

Apply a License Key

If WebTop is configured for production or a trial has expired, you must utilize a license key. The guide for applying a license key steps through the licensing process.

WebTop Security

WebTop contains a security model that will allow granular access to views and administration tasks. The guide for WebTop Security outlines the steps available for establishing security for WebTop users.

WebTop Customization

WebTop can be customized for your environment. The WebTop Customization guide details the methods to use for changing the look and feel of the interface.


WebTop allows you to enable additional logging for troubleshooting. In the event that logging is needed, you can utilize this guide for logging in IIS and in WebTop.