Troubleshooting Guide

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Installation Issue

  1. Installation Cannot Start
  2. Installation Prerequisites not installed
  3. Installation not supported on OS Version

Data Source Connectivity Issues

  1. Check Database Version
  2. Check connection with Microsoft Data Access Component
  3. Check connection with Microsoft SQL Management Studio
  4. DB Security needed for Application Pool Account
  5. Check SQL Protocols enabled
  6. Force TCP\IP within Connection String
  7. Check Connection String
  8. Check ODBC Administrator or SSMS for SQL DB Instance Connectivity
  9. Check Ping (via NetBIOS and IP)
  10. Check Firewall Ports

Website Connectivity Issues

  1. Role Security needed
  2. Check Ping (via NetBIOS and IP)
  3. Check Firewall Ports

Dashboard Pack Issues

  1. Dashboard Pack displays, but some of the data is not showing up.
  2. Some Dashboard Packs require SCOM Management Packs to monitor and generate the data for WebTop. Depending on the environment and what needs to be monitored, import the respective Management Packs.

Security Role Issues

  1. Admin Security Role locked out of WebTop
  2. On the WebTop Server, browse to the installation source C:\Program Files (x86)\FyrS0ft\SCWebTop\Dashboards\Config\Security
  3. Edit the TabRoles.XMl File. Roles Mode=”On” to Roles Mode=”Off”

WebTop IE Slow Loading or Crashing Issues

  1. Check Server & IIS configured optimally and meets minimum requirements
  2. Check Client meets minimum requirements
  3. Check Browser Client is supported per requirements
  4. Check not using too many IE WebTop Windows and running of memory on the Client
  5. Check running latest Silverlight version per requirements