System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP)

The WebTop Dashboard Pack for System Center Endpoint Protection was designed to leverage the data consumed from System Center Endpoint Protection and PowerShell Modules to provide a tailored and technology specific Dashboard view set essential for all the System Center Endpoint Protection IT Pros. The Dashboard Pack is provided with 6 Dashboards Views that can be imported and have security permissions tailored to the your System Center Endpoint Protection administrators. This provides instant gratification to the IT Pro, giving them a comprehensive understanding of the health of your infrastructure. Additionally, environment specific views can easily be tailored using the provided rich WebTop User Interface.

The WebTop Dashboard engine serves data through any Internet browser using Silverlight technology to enable feature-rich asynchronous data flow and live data feeds. The Silverlight engine is designed to be viewed in a Network Operations Center (NOC) or regular computer monitor. In addition, all the Dashboard Views can be viewed using a mobile device that supports HTML5 instead of the Silverlight version.

This Dashboard Pack, like all WebTop DPs can be configured, extended, and customized. Please see the requirements page for a listing of all prerequisites to fully utilize this Dashboard Pack.