Purchase WebTop

A System Center WebTop free trial is available to registered users for 15 days with 1,000 views. All Dashboard Packs are generally available for download to registered users. Visit our Registration or Download page to access your free trial today.

For additional licensing information or to purchase WebTop please contact us.

WebTop Free Use

System Center WebTop – Trial (15 days + 1,000 Views)
System Center WebTop – Free Edition (5 Views, annual license registration)

WebTop Licenses

The System Center WebTop solution is licensed by the number of dashboard views per web server instance, and is available in subscription or perpetual license options as outlined below.

System Center WebTop – Dashboard View Licenses (10 Views)
System Center WebTop – Dashboard View Licenses (20 Views)
System Center WebTop – Dashboard View Licenses (50 Views)
System Center WebTop – Unlimited Enterprise License, per web server instance
System Center WebTop – Annual Software Assurance (20% of licenses)
System Center WebTop – One Year Subscription (unlimited dashboards)
System Center WebTop – Three Year Subscription (unlimited dashboards)

Professional Services

The System Center WebTop platform is easily configured and set up using the available online resources. In addition, we can provide consulting and training services to help customize the tool for your specific requirements. The following services and packages are available to assist clients with deployments, training, and optimization.

System Center WebTop Jumpstart, two (2) day engagement
System Center WebTop Jumpstart, five (5) day engagement
System Center WebTop Jumpstart, ten (10) day engagement
System Center WebTop Custom Project

Optional Service engagements typically cover the following service areas and are tailored for client needs.

Design and Planning
  • WebTop Planning & Design
  • System Center Environment Overview
  • WebTop System Requirements
  • WebTop Installation & Configuration
  • Dashboard Pack Installation & Configuration
  • Dashboard Pack Training
  • Dashboard Pack Tuning
  • Dashboard Pack Editing
  • WebTop Maintenance and Support
Dashboard Administration
  • Dashboard Design Concepts
  • Dashboard White-Boarding
  • Dashboard Data Requirements
  • Dashboard Security Requirements
  • Finalize Dashboard Template Design & Data Queries
Dashboard Development
  • Dashboard Template(s) Implementation
  • Dashboard Query Instrumentation
  • Dashboard Tasks Instrumentation
  • Dashboard Design Review
  • Implement all Dashboard Designs
  • Test all Dashboard Designs
  • Dashboard Presentations
  • Engagement Review